You will be required to pack the sample in only those cities of Pakistan, where MedGEN representative is not present and where the sample will be picked up by MedGEN Courier from your clinic/home.

Packing Instructions:

1st Layer

Rap absorbent like tissue paper around container/tube so as to absorb blood in case of leakage or breakage of tube.

2nd Layer

Bubble wrap the sample as it would act as cushioning, to prevent sample damage during its long journey.

3rd Layer

Put the sample inside a specimen carrier bag with BIOHAZARD marking

4th Layer

Take newspaper and rap the sample in it to provide more protection.

5th Layer

Take a carton box and put the sample in the middle of the box. Please fill extra newspaper if there is any empty space inside the box to avoid vibration/movement of the sample and also to avoid damage to the carton and the sample.

Plus The copies of the form/paper work as instructed by MedGEN.