Before taking blood from the patient/mother, please call MedGEN on the following numbers for information and necessary action:

Mobile: 0304-4124272

Landline: 042-35233935

Sampling Days: (Saturday, Monday or Tuesday)

It has to be ensured that the sample reaches the international lab within 72 hours of taking the sample. The sample should not reach the international lab on weekend or public holidays. Therefore, sample should be taken on Saturday, Monday or Tuesday so that it reaches the international lab on weekdays/working days as otherwise it may not be processed in time.

Therefore, please do not take blood until you have talked to any MedGEN representatives and they have given you a green signal to take blood and send the sample.

Note: The sample has to be dispatched through courier before 7 pm as after this time, the sample may not be able to leave on the same day. This will cause delay in sample reaching the lab and thus chances of spoiling the sample.

Please check the type of sample to be taken:

Test Sample Type & Quantity Container
NIFTY Whole blood (10 ml) from mother Use Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT tubes provided by MedGEN
Genetic Carrier Screening
Whole blood (10 ml) from patient/parent Use EDTA tube
New Born Screening
Heel prick (4 blood spots)
Cord/peripheral blood may also be taken
Blood Spot Sample Bag
Chorionic Villus Sampling
Chorionic Villus In Normal Saline
Other test Please contact MedGEN for information


After taking the blood sample: Please immediately mix the blood sample by 10 gentle inversions. Delayed mixing could lead to failed test. After mixing, place the tubes vertically on the tube rack at room temperature (6-35?).

Note: Please DO NOT put the sample in refrigerator, freezer or with ice.

The standards of qualified samples:

Appearance: sample tubes are required to be in good conditions, which mean that there should be no cracks, no open lid or any leakage and spill over events.

Quality: no contamination and or no severe hemolysis.

Note: In case the lab receives a sample that has insufficient concentration of fetal DNA or damage of samples, the sample will be needed to be retaken and resent. MedGEN will not charge for initial sample that was unfit for analysis. However, the cost of the courier (resending the sample) will have to be paid by the patient.

Sample Labelling:

Using a ball pen, put the following information on the sample container:

First name of the patient (e.g. Amina)

Date of sample (e.g. 25/2/2016)

Write “Pakistan”

Complete Forms (paper work):

Please complete the forms/paper work as provided by MedGEN