MedGEN brings 22 years of Genetic Counselling experience in the country. MedGEN Genetic Counselling Service is headed by the first trained genetic counsellor in Pakistan, having an experience of more than two decades.
Up to ten percent of individuals will have a genetic disorder, handicapping condition or genetic predisposition to disease. These individuals will be cared for by the best of family doctors, who strive to consider patient family history in care and treatment decisions.
Over the years, the expanding field of genetics has presented several thousand genetic testing and research options which have the potential to significantly impact the care, treatment and reproductive options of many. It is a challenge for physicians to identify those patients who are eligible candidates for genetic testing and to connect their patients with the right genetic testing, in advocating for their healthcare.
The aim of MedGEN Genetic Counselling Service is to help assess the eligibility of clients/patients and their families for genetic testing, and provide clear explanation as to the benefits and limits of genetic testing. Through Genetic Counselling Services:
With full understanding of disease risk and testing information, informed decisions can be made with regards to genetic testing. With the results of genetic testing, physicians and their patients are able to identify the best surveillance and recommendations for patient care.

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